Welcome to new website

New web page

Welcome new home of AydinPhoto.com

I was complaining about and planing to change my web site for months (If not years).

At the end with the new year I was able to spare some time and set up this web site.

As usual for a photographer I put some static galleries which  contains some photographs from my past experiences. We called this section Portfolio. Just main few galleries and some photographs. Also I am not putting every subject which I worked on and I am nut separating them in to sub categories. 

For example one of the galleries name is People. It contains, some head shots, wedding shots, fashion shots, interview shots etc…  I just didn’t find practical to separate all of them to sub-categories. Also It will be too time consuming. But if you need to see a more focused portfolio for assignments and professional purposes please contact wit me through contact page.

Another new thing which you will able to find in my pages is a blog. Yes you heard right another photography blog. I knew there are thousand of blogs around but my intention is use this blog to keep records of interesting places and news which I visit, heard and see. It will be kind of my personal diary and you are welcome to read it if you find it interesting.

Again welcome to Aydin Palabiyikoglu’s Photography pages.

Aydin Palabiyikoglu