The Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2014

My lady! Sir! If you haven’t heard, the 2014  Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Irwindale ends in a couple of  weekends after a month-long stay at Santa Fe Dam shores. I went myself several weekends (and will go again) and encourage you to go, because it’s truly nonstop fun!ren_045

Ren faires began in California in the early ’60s when a woman named Phyllis Patterson created a living history fair as a high school project for her students. The fair was a one-weekend event featuring volunteer actors and local vendors. In time the fair became popular enough to expand to a seasonal, six-week event called the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. , The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire has grown into an annual interactive playground and gallery for over 200,000 participants and guests. It has given birth to an industry nationwideren_066

The Faire operates rain or shine, and heat can be consideration. This is an outdoor experience patrons will be out in the heat for most of their visit. But  even It was around 90F when I visit the faire, the weather doesn’t seem to daunt anyone, including the visitors

The grounds are populated by performers dressed in the garb of the period (including numerous wenches with industrial strength cleavage). Groups of costumed musicians and soldiers parade throughout the day. All that armor and those heavy long skirts must make it touch duty when the heat really gets oppressive, but everyone maintains their good nature.

ren_035The day ends with a major parade through the grounds to near the entrance. The energy level after multiple hours on the grounds was remarkable and I suspect that the Faire could have remained open another three hours and still retained a significant percentage of its visitors.

A final appreciative observation. The Faire must be a major employer of teenagers and college students during the season and I saw some senior citizens among the vendors, too. So it’s not only fun but a significant economic engine for the area.

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Also you can watch it as a slide show. 1st Slide show belongs to 2014 and second one belongs to 2010


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