Story of a Selfie from 1947

We all think selfies start with smart phones but this is the story of a selfie photograph which belongs to 71 years ago… March 15th, 1947

It came from my grandfather, Omer Erdem’s diary. At that time he was going to Law School.

My grand grand father was a member of Parliament in 1947 time but instead of taking allowance from his father, my grandfather Omer create hand made wooden toys such as small cars, miniature guest room furniture, toy radio and sell to toy stores. Some of his “toys” now in exhibits in Koc Museums in Istanbul and in Ankara, Turkey

According to his notes he sold his handmade “Wooden Zoo Toy Set” to Ucel Oyuncak (Ucel Toy Stroe) for 5 Turkish Lira (1947 5 Turkish Lira is equal to 2.12 gram of gold or 2.4 USD) early in that day before came to home from law school. Then he took my grandmother who was his fiance in 1947 and her sister Ulker to watch movie at Yeni Sinema (Yeni Movie Theater) to watch Mrs. Parkington.

Mrs.Parkington is about Susie Parkington (Greer Garson) who recalls her marriage six decades earlier, which was followed by the revelation that her husband, Augustus (Walter Pidgeon), was still romantically entangled with French Baroness Aspasia Conti (Agnes Moorehead). She also looks back on the untimely passing of her mother and one of her children, two of the defining events of her life. And with her adult son needing a cash infusion to save his skin, she ponders the fate of her fortune. If you like to watch trailer click here

They all like the movie according to his notes.

After movie they went to Gor Cek Fotograf (Look and Shoot Photography) Studio and took a selfie.

Selfies were taken by going in front of an old camera which stands on wooden tripod and trigger camera by cable which person in the photograph was holding. By doing that my grandfather, grand mother and my aunt were able to took their own photos aka selfies.

In this photo my grandfather was 22, grand mother was 21 and My grand aunt Ulker was 15.5 years old.

PS. Thank you my grand father to keep all memories intact and to my mother who dig our family history and bring all details to gather for us and next generations.