A spud for €1,000,000 by Kevin Abosch

Aaron Johnson’s comic strip  almost translate my thoughts about Kevin Abosch’s €1,000,000 ($1.08m) Spud photo.

Kevin Abosch’s approach to celebrity  portraits and all other objects are really good, and mostly I like his works.
For example these are from National Gallery of Ireland (www.nationalgallery.ie ) collection and they are great portraits at least for me. Those are part of  Kevin Abosch’s  series of ‘Faces’ which includes both well-known and anonymous individuals of various nationalities, ages and ethnicities. The project, begun several years ago, has been punctuated during its development by exhibitions in Ireland and abroad.

Bob Geldof (b.1951), Musician and Political Activist, 2012. Olwen Fouéré, Actor, Writer, Theatre Artist, 2012 Brian O’Driscoll (b.1979), International Rugby Player, 2011.

But still seriously €1,000,000 for a spud. It makes it 15th most expensive photo of all time. I have to admit I have some mixed feelings about it.

Kevin Abisch - Potato #345

Kevin Abisch - Potato #345

“I see commonalities between humans and potatoes that speak to our relationship as individuals within a collective species,” says Abosch when he told about this photo.

Also watch this video if you have time