A short family trip to Big Bear Lake and some night shots

Last weekend we went to a short family trip with friends to Big Bear Lake. Big Bear Lake is well known for winter sports. But The area also very beutioful during other seasons and lots of things to do from swimming to hiking, camping to fishing.

Big Bear Lake

Me, my wife and Melissa

During day Melissa got great fun while we were hiking around beautiful lake and in the forest. The trails around lake are really easy (especially the ones close to the lake) and fun. Melissa loved to be there.

Melissa taking photos

Also I has lots of nice opportunities for all nature lover photographers. Especially for landscape and macro photographers it contains lots of gems.



After dinner girls retreat to cabin for a night sleep and I took the road to Holcomb Valley. Valley, located about five miles north of Big Bear Lake. It was named after William F. Holcomb, who found gold there in 1860. That year started the largest gold rush in the Southern California region. The Belleville Town grew up near there and flourished for about ten years before being abandoned due to harsh weather and lack of gold.

An old photo from my previous visit to Valley

Since Valley is far from town the sky is mostly clear from artificial light. So It gives me good couple of hours for night shooting before moon came out.